Is Makeup Good or Bad For Your Skin?

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Makeup makes you look prettier? We get it! While it may be satisfying to look good every day with makeup, you should be aware of the damage it does to your skin.

What is Makeup Made Up Of?

Makeup contains quite a share of chemicals that aren’t always skin-friendly. Certain makeup components don’t suit every skin type and can cause skin irritation along with premature skin ageing.

Is Everyday Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

Yes, it’s advisable not to use makeup every day!

Harsh chemicals present in your makeup products can damage your skin’s protective barrier, giving way for various skin problems. It certainly impacts your skin’s health and robs away the natural glow of your skin.

8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Makeup Daily

Here is a list of problems you may face when you wear makeup everyday. 

1. Your Skin Pores Get Clogged

Leaving makeup on your skin for a long time clogs your skin pores and makes it hard for your skin to breathe. Clogged pores can make your skin more acne-prone and invite other skin problems.

2. Your Skin Looks Aged Up

Makeup can get into your pores if it’s not removed before sleep. This can break the elastin present in your skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines etc over time.

3. Turns Your Skin Too Dry or Too Oily

Wearing makeup products that aren’t meant for your skin type can make your skin extremely dry if you have dry skin type or too oily if you have oily skin type. Dryness or oiliness can give rise to other skin problems.

4. Acne Starts Showing Up

Applying makeup to cover up your acne triggers more acne breakouts. If you have acne-prone skin, you need to limit your makeup usage. Applying no/less makeup improves your skin’s health. It is more important to get your acne treated on time rather than to cover it up with excess makeup.

5. Skin Allergies Start Bothering You

Makeup products with harmful chemicals like parabens or certain metals can cause allergic reactions, especially to sensitive skin. Also, some ingredients irritate certain skin types, using such products can make your skin itchy, red and irritated.

6. Lip Color Starts Darkening

Long-lasting lipsticks worn for more than 10 hours darkens your lip colour as it contains ingredients that restrict the oxygen supply to your lips.

7. Eye Infections

The skin around your eyes and your eyelid is thin and delicate. Certain ingredients present in your eye makeup can irritate your eyes and can even lead to an eye infection.

Eye makeup products can irritate skin around your eyes eventually leading to pigmentation and dark circles, if they are not removed before sleeping or if worn for long hours.

8. Skin Cancer

Ingredients like formaldehyde, coal tar, arsenic, silica and chromium that are usually present in your makeup products can cause skin cancer if used repeatedly over time.

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When Not To Wear Makeup?

1. During Exercise

During workout, your pores open up. If you’re wearing makeup while working out, your pores get clogged, stopping your skin from breathing. This easily leads to skin damages like blackheads, irritation, wrinkles, fine lines, acne etc.

2. When Your Makeup Expires

Do not use products beyond their expiry date. This will do more harm to your skin, causing skin infections. 

Can’t stop wearing makeup every day?

Follow these healthy makeup tips to limit skin damage.

Tips Before Makeup

1. Choose Products That Suit Your Skin Type:

Your skin is unique. Never buy products just because it has worked for someone else. Find your skin type and buy skin care products that suit your skin. Do a patch test using tester products before buying them.

2. Moisturize:

Moisturizer is a must no matter what your skin type is. It helps you maintain the protective barrier on your skin, saving it dryness and flakiness.

3. Sun Protect Your Skin:

Apply sunscreen before any makeup product. You can also use a moisturizer and foundation that provides sufficient UV protection. Sun exposure can cause early skin ageing. Stay sun-protected! 

Tips After Makeup

1. Maintain Hygiene:

Clean your brushes and sponges after using them. Harmful bacterias from your dead skin cells stick onto your makeup brushes. If you re-use your brushes without cleaning them, there’s always a risk of skin infections.

2. Remove Makeup Before Bed:

Never go to bed with your makeup. Remove your makeup with a makeup remover, using cotton balls. Then, clean your face with any gentle face wash.

3. Do Not Share Your Makeup:

Sharing your makeup with others spreads bacteria. Never share your makeup products with others.

Regular makeup certainly has some side effects, but you can continue to use them by following a few healthy makeup habits. Provide extra care for your skin with right skincare products that suit you if you’re a makeup lover. 

Get skincare products that suit your skin from Dermatologists.

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